Your project is special.

There are many ways we can help your company, from web design and programming, to traditional print and graphic design.

Read more about the cost effective services we provide below:


Corporate identity
We can help you design a complete corporate identity. From initial logo and concept design, to letterheads, business cards, and your online presence. We will help you define or even re-define you company's look .

We keep abreast of the latest advertising trends, and can help you with traditional printed advertising, as well as online web and banner ads.

Marketing collateral

Printed materials are still an important way to communicate with your client. We will design materials that best present your message to your clients.

Direct mail

We can get your message out to a large number of new and existing clients by creating targeted, cost-effective direct mail.

Tradeshow graphics

We have years of experience designing graphics and banners for many different industries. We will enable you to create a standout design, to attract customers to your booth and have them remember you long after the event is done.

Outdoor and environmental signage

We can offer outstanding design for your signage needs, whether you want to stand out with outdoor advertising, or blend in to an existing setting with environmental signage.

Packaging, display design and previsualization

When you need to have your product catch the eye and stand out from the crowd, we know how important you product package and display need to be.

From design concept through printing, we will guide you through all the steps to make sure your product gets the attention it deserves.

Web design

In today's market, you need to have a web presence. We can help you design an effective website or re-design an older site to bring it up to date with today's requirements.

We can handle anything from a few pages for a personal homepage, to a fully loaded e-commerce site.

Content Management System

A Content Management System (or CMS) puts the control of your website back in your hands.

Using a CMS system you will be able to make changes to your website, add and remove pages, upload images and edit text from any browser on any computer.

We will design your website to contain a CMS, or integrate a CMS solution into your exisiting site, and then show you how to maintain and make changes to the site without breaking the design or needing to know a single line of code.

Web application and database design programming

If you need something more complicated than a simple website, we can accomodate you.

When an off the shelf solution will not fit your needs, we can provide custom code solutions using PHP, Javascript and other technologies to ensure your goals are met.

Flash animation and design

Want something with a little more panache than a static webpage? We can help you bring your site to life on the internet with Flash, the web's de facto animation solution.

Also if you wish to create flash video, we offer various media services, from content creation to 3D animation and visual effects.

Social networking

Social networking is an important communication tool for yourself and your company. We can guide you into this online world and keep you connected with sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Email campaigns and marketing

Email communication has become a large part of advertising and marketing these days. Keep in touch with your clients using an email newsletter, or inform clients about new products.

We will design your email e-blasts and then help get you set up so you can send them whenever you need.

Search Engine Optimization

There is not much point hosting a website if no one can find it.

There is a lot of snake oil in the SEO business, and we will anaylze your current site to detect and fix the most common errors that prevent today's automated search engines from ranking your site high.

Alternatively if we are building a new site for you, we can make sure the site is optimized to appear high in search results lists, making sure you get the recognition and visits that your website deserves..

Content Creation

We provide basic content creation services for your website or dvd presentation.

We are able to provide product photographs and shoot video demonstrations in-house. If you require more sophisticated capabilities, we will oversee the content creation process to make sure the images you get are what you want.

Video and sound editing

If you already have existing footage and need to cut it down to size, or re-organize it into a more appealing format then you will need to edit your footage.

We provide editing services for your video, and can also master it onto a dvd or convert it to a flash file to play easily on the web.

We also provide simple sound editing and cleanup facilities for your audio demands as well.

Visual effects and animation

Want a little more flare for your project? We can provide visual effects and animation to make the mundane spectacular.

We can provide simple flying logos and motion graphics for use on your websites or video production, along with more sophisticated Hollywood style effects and animation.

We will  work with you and your budget to get the effect you are looking for!

Whatever you may need to promote and define your company, we have a solution for you.